Muscular Maintenance

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage


Improving Body Mechanics and Performance

Maintain the optimal performance! The goal here is to be consistent with your treatments until you get to the level of muscular health where you come in for maintenance. To prevent chronic issues, nasty scar tissues build up and irritations from inflammation for you to get back out there and perform at your best!

Restoring Muscle Mobility! 

Due to repetitive and aggressive movements, muscles tend to be stressed out and damages such as adhesion, scar tissues, and trigger points occurs that's where I focus on treating those areas within your comfort to restore back the health of your  muscle tissues for better mobility.

Reducing Injury Recovery Time

As you challenge and push yourself in sports, there is a higher chance of sustaining injury. With sports massage, I can increase your recovery time from injury. This way, you can immediately get back to your active lifestyle. Whether you are improving your range of motions or recovering from auto accidents, I can help you. 


Khemera Chean L.M.P

Hey everyone! I go by Kam for short. My strength here is Sports Massage. I am all about effective approach for the best results whether if it's for maintenance or recovery* I apply deep pressure work using many deep tissue methods.  Most importantly I will work with your comfort level. My philosophy here is effective affordable care for your muscular system. I also offer discounts so feel free to ask when you visit and thank you for checking in!